9 Comments to “ OEM stickers for all your VAG resto-mod projects”

  1. Anonymous says :Reply

    is it possible to paid you with my credi card please, il live in France

    1. ERDBS says :Reply

      We will check out with them. We used PayPal, did not need Credit card option.
      Looking now, we can only see PayPal option on their checkout page.

  2. Darko Kuzmanov says :Reply

    Yes it is possible to pay with credit card. Contact them they will send you the options.

  3. Mirko GTD says :Reply

    Are the stickers heat resistant? At least ones that are under the hood.

  4. Oem Car Stickers says :Reply

    Mirko, as far as we tested them, and no reaction of the customers, i would say yes, exept on open fire

  5. Marcel says :Reply

    Hello Eurodubs team,

    Can you still source stickers from oem-carstickers.com?

    They seem to have closed down..?!?

    Thanks for your advice.

    Best regards,

    1. ERDBS says :Reply

      Hi Marcel, we think it is just temporary, a bug. Try later od in few days.

  6. Rafael says :Reply


    Do you know the email contacat of https://oem-carstickers.com/?
    I am triyng contyact with him but the orders@oem-carstcikers.com email is wrong for gmail.

    kind regards,

  7. henry vijayan says :Reply

    Pricing for VW Golf MK4 !

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